Dr Likee in trouble after Bongo Ideas expose this

Bongo Ideas, a Ghanaian Twitter critic, has called into question the sense of humor of those who find Dr Likee’s comedy skits amusing. The controversial critic has taken issue with Dr Likee’s latest release, Akacalito, a parody of the film Apocalypto.

However, Bongo Ideas and other critics have been making negative comments about Dr. Likee’s comedy style. Taking to Twitter, Bongo Ideas stated that individuals who find Dr. Likee and his skits funny need to question their sense of humor.

Bongo Ideas went on to criticize Dr. Likee’s comedy style, describing it as “by-force localized Kumasi vibes.” He is not alone in his criticism of Dr. Likee, as some social media users have also expressed their displeasure with the comedian’s latest release.

It remains to be seen how Dr. Likee will respond to the criticism, but it is clear that not everyone finds his brand of comedy entertaining.