Dr. Likee gets into huge trouble in France over content in his new skit

Dr. Likee gets into huge trouble in France

Dr. Likee gets into huge trouble in France over content in his new skit he had released on th internet.

Dr. Likee and his team have been putting smiles on the face of Ghanaians with their rib-cracking videos and now have decided to move outside the shores of Ghana for a tour in Europe and their first stop is France.

Their first stop has brought them a major problem they would have to battle for days.

The comedian is facing a huge backlash as he is being requested to delete a skit that exposes the difficulties that Africans face while attempting to work in Europe with forged passports.

According to several members of France’s African migrant population, the skit exposes their actions and provides law enforcement officials with information that they may use to deport and arrest them if they get to know.

Also, Adepanews.com has come across a viral video of a Free Senior High School(SHS) student revealing how male teachers in her school chop female students in exchange for money.

According to her, parents and guardians should take care of their wards by sending them money to prevent teachers from taking advantages of those who approach them for favor.

She also blamed some teachers for being the reason why students do not respect them in school. The yet-to-be identified lady explained that teachers always want to eat the ‘forbidden fruit’ of female students who come to them for support and these same teachers later sit in their offices and complain about the bad attitude of the students.

Watch the video below.