Don’t turn down a job because you were asked s³x — Mr. Logic

Entertainment critic, Mr. Logic has advised women not to turn down job offers because there were asked s³x.

According to him, women should use s³xual favours to get what they want.

Speaking on Hitz FM, Mr. Logic opined that women need to understand the power they have and use it to their advantage.

Thus, should they find themselves in a situation where a job is worth the sexual favours being demanded, they need to accept it.

“If a man offers you a job in exchange for sleeping with him but you decide the job isn’t worth it, you are free to leave. You may move on with it if you decide it is worthwhile.”

It is common knowledge that most women are allowed to climb the corporate ladder after they have submitted themselves to the demands of sexual favours from their superiors.

Mr Logic believes if the job and the opportunities thereof are worth it, a woman should not hesitate to give up sex for it.