Don’t reply Martin Amidu, it can cost you the Elections- Afia Pokua advises Akufo Addo

Ghanaian veteran journalist, Afia Pokua has cautioned president Akufo Addo not to retaliate to former special prosecutor Martin Amidu’s attack as that could blow up the case and may cause him this election.

On Friday, 27th November 2020, the resigned special prosecutor, Mr Martin Amidu released a detailed 27-page report to expose the president.

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In the long exposé, Martin Amidu painted president Akufo Addo as the mother serpent of all corruption despite his innocuous face.

“I became more convinced beyond any further reasonable doubt after my second meeting with the President in his office in the evening of Sunday 1st November 2020 when the President attempted to persuade me to shelve the Agyapa Royalties Limited Transaction anti-corruption assessment report to allow him to deal with the matter through a statement to the public, that God (represented by the Holy Trinity in my Catholic faith) was in his divine way revealing to me the first time that the President of Ghana only looked like the innocent flower of the fight at corruption but was indeed the mother serpent of corruption under the innocent-looking flower of anti-corruption. And may God, encompassed in the Blessed Holy Trinity, be eternally praised for that divine revelation!” he revealed

This particular statement, according to Afia Pokua is worrying and may cause the New Patriotic Party the December elections.

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In a Facebook post she noted that even though she doesn’t have a mouth in the presidency, she will wish Akufo Addo never replies to Martin Amidu’s statement but her voice doesn’t go anywhere.

“Martin Amidu can cause NPP this election o. He has fired back in a 27 page reply.
My 1gch advice to GOVT, do not respond but who am I? Will that affect my gutter” she posted.

See a screenshot below:

Don't reply Martin Amidu, it can cost you the Elections- Afia Pokua advises Akufo Addo