Breast milk is a potential COVID-19 cure
An image of the lady who asked if her breast milk could cure corona

Don’t date men who are active on Social media , a Rich Nigerian Woman has suggested.

The lady is known as Victoria Inyama is a Nigerian veteran actress.

A Rich Ghanaian woman had earlier said I Stopped Sleeping With Men For Money Because Of How They Treated Me(Opens in a new browser tab)

Victoria Inyama began her career In 1990.

She wrote ‘Date A Man With A Planned Future Not A Boy With Social Media Swag’.

Victoria Inyama sent this advice to the single ladies after realizing that a lot of women always end up wasting their money and resources on men who only care about looking good on social media when they do not meet that faked image in real life.

Inyama revealed her battle with cancer in 2006 through social media.

Maybe she said that because guys who are very active on Social media tend to care a lot about their image on the social media platform.

Have a look at the post below.

Don't date men who are active on Socialmedia-Rich Nigerain Woman

Victoria is a strong advocate against domestic violence advised the women to stay woke.