Don’t build a house, invest in humans – Actor Michael Afranie advises

Michael Afranie, a popular Kumawood actor based in Kumasi has shared his thoughts on the need to invest in humans than establishing properties such as houses.  The renowned actor while speaking about his personal life in a yet-to-be-aired interview with media personality Deloris Frimpong Manso also known as Delay confidently revealed his pride in having many children.

According to the famous actor, he has given birth to 13 children with different women and it can not compel him to build a house adding that it is a blessing to have many children.

A snippet of the interview shared on Facebook by Delay sees the actor struggling to recall the number of women he has children with when asked.

“About three or four,” he replied when asked the number of women he has children with.

“With thirteen children, how would you be able to build?” Delay asked; to which he answered “You’re thinking about a house?”

Afranie explaining why one should not build a house said, “When an earthquake struck Turkey and buildings collapsed… Where are we going with buildings?”

“You need to invest in humans. Growing up, I’ve seen people build but these buildings are empty; there’s nobody residing in them,” he said.