Don’t believe it when a pastor tells you that your troubles are over, it’s a lie – Majid Michel

Renowned actor, Majid Michel says pastors should stop telling their church members that their hardships are over.

According to him, it’s a lie for a pastor to tell his church members that their sufferings are over.

Majid stressed that suffering does not end until death and as long as we’re alive untold hardship will continue unabated.

In a TV XYZ interview, Majid Michel argued that such comments are untrue because people are constantly dealing with depression, which is also a sort of sorrow or hardship.

“Pastors should stop telling their congregations that their troubles are over. That’s a lie, your trouble will only be over when you die.

“…depression is not a bad thing, depression is your inner spirit indicating to yourself, your conscious mind that where we are is not good, let’s move on,” he said.

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