Dont abuse your anointing – Diana Asamoah blasts Cecilia Marfo

Adept Gospel Musician, Diana Asamoah has cautioned her colleague Cecilia Marfo over what she describes as an ‘abuse of the anointing’ after Cecilia attacked Joyce Blessing during a concert.

Cecilia Marfo had during the live broadcast of the annual Thanksgiving Service of Unity Group of companies snatched a microphone from Joyce Blessing and urged her to go back to her husband in public.

Cecilia Marfo had snatched a microphone from Joyce Blessing and uttered a dubious claim during an Annual Thanksgiving Service organized by Unity Group of Companies.

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During the concert which was hosted in Kumasi on Friday, January 22, Cecilia Marfo who was filled with the holy spirit said, “My daughter if you will listen to me go back and take your marriage.”

She added “I [Holy Spirit] called you with love and so you should know the life you have is not yours. I’ve made you a Queen so listen to me and go back to your husband. I’ve sent you already, the lady goes and take your husband, my spirit is using you.”

According to her, this will be the only way that God will be pleased with Joyce whose marriage to Dave Joy ended on rocks.

The statements of Cecilia Marfo have not being taken lightly by netizens who closely followed the saga that escalated between Joyce Blessing, her husband, and her Publicist Jullie Jay.

Many have widely argued that Cecilia Marfo ought to have applied wisdom while on stage and this includes Brother Sammy called her a fake prophet among countless insults he aired.

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Commenting on this on his Facebook page, Diana Asamoah was of the view that the anointing of God on Cecilia Marfo’s life is being abused.

‘Don’t abuse the anointing”, she wrote