Donald Trump will lose the US elections – Owusu-Bempah makes a quick U-turn

Head Pastor of Glorious Word Power Ministry International Rev. Owusu Bempah has dropped another prophecy concerning the elections of United States of America (USA).

This time round the man of God has declared Donald Trump as the loser in the upcoming general elections. Recall that Rev. Owusu Bempah on August 12, 2020 made a revelation that God has chosen Donald Trump to rule America for the next four years.

“Donald Trump will win the elections. God saw something in his heart before he made him president so if he doesn’t turn his heart away from God, Trump will win the elections. If he behaves like Saul, then it will be difficult for him. God made him president and physically and spiritually he’s still on that seat”.

“Pastors and people around him should make sure he doesn’t get a change of heart because at some point he nearly gave in to pressure to accept gayism. If he continues walking in the path of God, the elections will be his. Trump is supposed to spend eight years on the throne. God gave Trump to America and the world. I have made up my mind to speak to Archbishop Duncan-Williams to advise Trump not to divert his heart”, he had said.

Rev Bempah speaking in an interview on Okay FM disclosed that things have changed in the spiritual realms and an angel of God has snatched the power from Trump and given it to his opponent.

“Things have changed spiritually. There is a place in the spiritual world called Paradise where Abraham is president. Abraham and his people in that Paradise decide for the world”.

“Something has happened in the US elections and Abraham and his people have held a meeting. The outcome of that meeting did not go in Trump’s favour. It’s because Trump’s heart has turned away from God. So Abraham and his people have sent the decision from that meeting to the Watchers(Watchers are unique angels who are sent to carry out duties on earth). The Watchers have sent the decision to the Almighty God. A final meeting is being held over the decision as I speak to you”

“I saw myself at the White House and Trump was sitting on a throne with a big key. The heavens opened and I saw an object descending onto the earth. The object took the key from Trump and Trump went down on his knees begging. It means Trump’s kingship has left him. I have called Archbishop to inform Paula White and the people close to Trump that the thing has left his hands. If he doesn’t change his heart, he will lose. The defeat has come but confirmation will come from the almighty God”, he narrated.