Don Little advocates for the legalization of ‘wee’

Ghanaian actor, Don Little has joined scores of Ghanaians who are advocating for the legalization of marijuana.

According to the Kumawood actor, some countries are making huge sums of money from the THC-cannabinoid drug.

Don Little stressed that every business is business even if it involves the smuggling of drugs. He argued that the original kingpins of the smuggling trade are in positions of authority, but the ordinary person who probably indulges for recreational purposes is harassed.

“I buy and sell, and I’m also a businessman. Any business is business. If you pimp girls, it’s a business. If you sell marijuana, it’s also a business.

“No, it’s not bad because if you travel, weed is legalized. In Ghana, everything is poor, and we selectively criticize. Those in authority are doing it. Nobody is catching them. But we, the ordinary person, if we do it, they will be harassing and embarrassing us,” he said.

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