“Domelovo would have been k!lled if he audited the Catholic church” -Rev Father reveals

“Domelovo would have been killed if he audited the Catholic church” -Rev Father Hanson has revealed in a commentary on YouTube.

Rev. Fr. Ebenezer Hanson, an outspoken priest of the Catholic Archdiocese of Accra puts the Church’s silence over the Domelevo persecution by the Akufo-Addo government to fear and cowardice.

He was heard saying that;

“I am sure if Domelevo decides to come and audit the Church for free from NCS to the parishes, he would be even “killed” before he starts work. It’s true. Maybe that’s why we couldn’t fight for him because he is our own son. Even if he wasn’t a Catholic and was doing good, we needed to support him. Christ said whoever witnesses before men about me, I shall be his witness before my father,”

“We abandoned him when he needed us most but priests and bishops were at his thanksgiving. Where were they? He did say something that we need to think about. He said through all he went through, nobody came to him. He mentioned the few who supported him but where were we Catholics? What are we afraid of? Or the president is our candidate? If he is, they should let us know,”

“As a Catholic, you can’t be afraid. Catholic priest, you can’t be afraid. Catholic Bishop, you can’t be afraid. No, it is guilt that is inflicting us. If that wasn’t the case, our own Domelevo, a Catholic won’t be doing good by protecting the public purse and we won’t support him,”

First Domelevo was forced to take accumulated leave against his will to remove him from a court case that had resulted from Osafo Maafo challenging the surcharge in court.

Then, when he returned from leave, the government told him that he was due for retirement, claiming he had been born in 1960 rather than 1961 which is captured in Mr. Domelevo’s employment details.