Diana Asamoah is a drunkard,who sleeps around, and has 4 abortions with her manager – Nana Agradaa reveals secret

Diana Asamoah is a drunkard, who sleeps around with other men, and has about 4 abortions with her manager, Nana Agradaa reveals secrets.

It seems Gospel artist Diana Asamoah has bitten more than she can chew this time as popular fetish Priestess Nana Agradaa is currently shredding her into pieces.

This comes after Diana Asamoah sent a chilling reply to Nana Agradaa after Agradaa in a video decided to advise some musicians in the gospel fraternity.

Speaking about Nana Agradaa she told her not to talk about ay gospel artists or try advising them in their line of duty.

She alleged Nana Agradaa had a very bad source that gave her all the wealth she had acquired.

Speaking in the local dialect, Twi, she said Nana Agradaa had a “sika gari”.

In the local sense, anyone with “sika gari” killed humans for money.

According to Nana Agradaa, since she has spiritual eyes, she knew Diana Asamoah was evil years back but her recent video talking about Cecilia Marfo made her evil deeds public.

Nana Agradaa claims Diana Asamoah has been sleeping with her own manager and has had four abortions for him.

She alleged that she is a lesbian, a drunkard amongst other denigrating comments.

Have a look at the video below.