Diana Asamoah accepted my proposal because I told her she’s ‘cute’ – Brother Sammy

Ghanaian gospel singer, Brother Sammy has hilariously revealed how he tricked his colleague singer Diana Asamoah to accept his proposal.

Reports went viral that Brother Sammy and Diana Asamoah will be getting married on December 24, 2022.

Speaking in an interview with Roselyn Felli on Prime Morning, Brother Sammy disclosed how he convince Diana Asamoah to say “yes” to him. According to him, he complimented her by telling her how ‘cute’ she was.

Brother Sammy revealed that Diana Asamoah was head over heels when she heard the compliment. “She was wowed, and that made her accept my proposal to get married”.

Brother Sammy claimed that Diana Asamoah had not received such a compliment before hence when he complimented her looks, she was astonished. “I told her that she’s cute, and she said wow”, Brother Sammy said.