Diamond Appiah is a fraudster – Ayisha Modi exposes Diamond’s shady business

Brand influencer, Ayisha Modi has explained what happened between her and Diamond Appiah and why she dragged her to court.

Ayisha speaking in an interview with Kofi TV revealed that Diamond Appiah is a big time fraudster.

According to her, she was interested in buying land in East Legon and Diamond offered to help as she was into real estate.

Later, she wanted a second piece of land for a home project and this is where issues started as she gave $40,000 to Diamond for the land.

She later ran into issues with accessing the land as it had been sold to someone else who even built on it.

Modi then requested a refund from Diamond but after close to two years, the money hadn’t arrived, necessitating their court case.

Ayisha added that she also found out Diamond completely fleeced her on the first land deal and made over Ghc 6bn profit before defrauding her on their second land deal!


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