Delay In Trouble For Selling Sardine With Large Bacterial Growth

Deloris Frimpong Manso also known in Ghana’s entertainment industry as “ Delay”, is been exposed for selling sardines.  The Sardine have been exposed to a condition that has large bacterial growth in it which can also cause customers to be sick. 

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 A video presented by Nanaba K Effah, who is a herbalist and also a social media commentator on social media has placed an allegation against Delay. Explaining that, a person posted in a Whatsapp group of Delay Sardine which was gross in smell.

As he continues, Effah explained he was able to convince the customer who exposed Delay Sardine in the Whatsapp group not to spread the video any longer for if he continues to share the video on various Whatsapp groups, it will bring lots of damages to Delay for she is a public figure 

Following up with the allegation against Delay Sardine, he took it upon himself to contact delay through social media by sending her countless messages in which he was expecting Delay to respond to one of the messages but there was no response. 

He then took it further by leaving a comment under a video of Delay on social media. Immediately the comment was posted, Delay sent someone to his inbox to write him that, she does not know the problem her product is facing on the market. 

The response gotten from Delay’s writer upset Nanaba K Effah to expose the bacterial group in Delay’s Sardine as she fails to present good customer service. 

Below is the video: