Delay allegedly breaks up with Amerado as she confirms she is now single while we thought there was a thing between them.

In the late months of 2021, Delay and Amerado made headlines after it was alleged that the two were having a secret affair.

A couple of videos of 39-year-old Delay and Amerado having good times went viral on social media.

Apart from that they also shared photos with some love emojis which sent meaning to many people on the internet.

Delay once shared a video of herself with the artist Amerado’s head glued on her shoulder on her social media profile.

This would bring an end to the cryptic messages they have been sharing on social media.

In a Twitter post, she said she was single, independent, and happy.

This would be very hard for Amerado as he would also become single, independent, and not very happy about it.

Have a look at the tweet below.

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