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Deacon Nimako allegedly contemplating su!c!de after being sacked

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of First Atlantic Bank, Deacon Kwasi Nimako is still making headlines after his side chic Deborah Seyram took legal action against him after their relationship turned sour.

Deborah wants promises Nimako made – giving her a car, paying her rent, giving her capital for business and a monthly Gh 3,000 stipend – to be enforced by the court.

The case has turned the Deacon’s life upside down and opened him up to ridicule.

It was reported that First Atlantic Bank has allegedly relieved him of his duty as CFO.

A lot of Ghanaians shared their sentiments over the incident which was already foreseeable after Debby’s writ of summons went viral on social media.

While some social media users strongly believe that this will be a deterrent to the senior staff members who use their positions to sexually harass young ladies at the workplace.

Others have also shared the opinion that since Mr Ninak didn’t rape Debby and she consented to have sex with him, he should have only been queried and not necessarily sacked.

According to a powerful Ghanaian prophet, Senior Servant Baffour, Deacon Nimako is contemplating suicide at this point!

He has sent a strong warning to his wild girlfriend, Deborah Adablah to keep him in her prayers before he harms himself.

The man of God placed emphasise on this statement as he tagged it ‘repeatedly five times’.