“Dangerous” Galamsey Kingpin announces his 86-Room Hotel in Axim

In an interview with a local radio station, Kwame Asare Ani, the notorious illegal small-scale mining kingpin in Axim, denied accusations of armed robbery made by the police. Instead, he claims to be a police informant who is assisting in the fight against illicit small-scale mining in the Axim community. The alleged galamsey kingpin claims, his contributions to the community, including building a road worth over 1.2 billion old cedis and providing potable water, speak for themselves. During an interview on Peace FM’s Afternoon News on April 3, 2023, Ani shared that he is constructing an 86-room hotel in the area as part of his efforts to improve the community. Despite the accusations against him, Ani maintains that he is a law-abiding citizen and an asset to the community. He claims to have a good relationship with the police and is the first person they turn to whenever they need to enter the various forests where galamsey operations are taking place. However, the police have accused Ani of being an armed robber and seized weapons and other items during a search at his residence. The police released a statement on Sunday, April 2, 2023, reporting an attack on them by a gang and the subsequent arrest of some four men on March 28, including Ani. The allegation of extortion made against the police has been referred to the Police Professional Standards Bureau (PPSB) for investigation. Ani’s upcoming 86-room hotel is now at the center of the conversation. According to Ani, he has invested a significant amount of money into the community, and his hotel will bring even more development to the area. Despite the allegations leveled against him, Ani maintains that he is not a bad person and would not spend over 1.2 billion to build a road and drill a borehole if he were a bad person.