Daddy Lumba set to sue Great Ampong for defamation

Highlife singer, Daddy Lumba, and Great Ampong have been making headlines for the past few days after the latter revealed that he’ll soon release a diss song for the former.

The friendship between Great Ampong and Daddy Lumba turned sour a few years ago after the management of Lumba took away the money they got from the launch of their “Hossana” song after the event was over when Ampong was taking pictures with his fans without his knowledge.

Recall that in 2016, Daddy Lumba and Kwadwo Ampong formed a group called Kojo Kojo to release a hit single dubbed “Hossana”. The two musicians agreed to share the money they will get from the launch of the song but Lumba took the money.

To date, the two have not been on speaking terms and as such go about their music duties separately.

Recently Daddy Lumba released a diss song allegedly for Great Ampong.

This triggered Ampong hit the studio to also record a diss song for Daddy Lumba. The song when it’s released would be the biggest banger because the content is serious and expresses Ampong’s feelings.

Amidst the brouhaha, Afia Schwar has wildly alleged during an IG live that Daddy Lumba is talking with his lawyers behind the scenes to drag Great Ampong to court.

As claimed by Schwar, Ampong also chopped some monies from their project without accounting for it therefore he has no right to describe Daddy Lumba as a greedy person

Afia Schwar assured Daddy Lumba’s fans that they should expect a court letter from the Highlife veteran’s camp to Great Ampong this week.

Watch the video below ;


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