Current high food prices is due to greed from sellers – Agric Minister

Ghana’s Minister of Food and Agriculture, Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto has laid blames on vendors for the spike in food prices.

According to him, the prices of food costs in the cities had tripled.

Dr. Akoto said that people living in the cities would but, say, a basket of tomatoes for 150 but then sell them for 400.

“We are not experiencing a food scarcity, and this is not the cause of the issue with the high cost of food. There is enough of stock and corn not even for this year, this year’s harvest is still to arrive, we are talking about leftover last year’s harvests, he added. “You go to the producing regions, and you will see precisely what I am talking about.”

“The problem is, you go and purchase, for example, a basket of tomatoes for 150, and by the time it gets to Kumasi, it suddenly becomes 400, so there is some profiteering going on,” said a local.

The minister said that the government’s “growing for food and employment” program ensures that food is not a problem in Ghana.

He warned that without “Planting for Food and Jobs,” Ghanaians will face the same food insecurity as their West African neighbors. “Our neighbors throughout West Africa are now coming to Ghana as the bread basket to select our surpluses,” he stated.

Many starving people from neighboring west African nations go to Ghana in search of food. The number plates of trucks crisscrossing Ghana in search of our surpluses to feed their own nations may be seen by just visiting Ejura and other areas.

He emphasized that people from all around Nigeria, including Kano, were making the trip to purchase rice from his shop.