Showbiz in Ghana is all about satisfying fans and followers. Some celebrities don’t really care about what other people say about their ego to please their fans.

Belinda Nana Akua Amoah by stage name Mzbel said had not been Covid-19 which had let contries around the globe to close it boaders, she would have been outside the country for hip-widing surgery.

She discloses that most often hip-pad is what she wears to make her curvy as a woman.

The ’16-years’ hit maker indicated that her mind is set and wouldn’t take counsel from anyone to change her decision.
And that her has boyfriends had agreed and paid the cost of beauty surgery already.

Affirming her thought she told Mike 2, the host of the entertainment show. “I’m 40 turning 41 so why will you stop matured woman. Besides I have the money. What is left now is confidence”.

Mzbel hints her friends for party if she returns safe and sound. Because she is going to put her precious life between life and death.