Coronavirus Came At The Right Time And I am Happy – Diana Asamoah

Coronavirus Came At The Right Time And I am Happy - Diana Asamoah

As the Coronavirus is spreading globally with many spiritual leaders claiming to foresee the virus before it’s arrival but unable to tell how they can use their spiritual healing powers to help science in bringing vaccine to reduce the global death rate caused by the virus, gospel musician Diana Asamoah has added her view. 

The outspoken evangelist, Diana Asamoah, in an interview with Fiifi Pratt on Rainbow Radio 87.5 fm, stated the virus has caused God himself to descend on earth to do his own evangelism. When she was asked by the host if she was happy of the virus, her response was “yes”, for it is written in the bible, “ in all things, let us give thanks to God.” 

“The joy of the arrival of the virus is that there was a time when preachers were preaching panties, porridge ( koko), and oranges. Come and let me bless it for you, which was turning to bring fear on people.” 

In expressing her view, she stressed that some pastors were collecting underwear and women’s bras from their members instead of preaching salvation. For such reason, the anger of God brought forth Coronavirus. 

Adding that, those pastors are now needed during this time period to do their spiritual healings in curing CoronaVirus. Stating the virus has exposed spiritual pastors and brought understanding that, it is only God that will save His people and is now making a selection of His own. 

“ I have prayed to God to make the virus stay for a longer period of time so that unbelievers will know He is the I am that I am.”

She ended that all Christians should stay indoors as the president of Ghana advice. 



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