Funny Face baby mama seen selling love charm

Controversy spark as Funny Face baby mama seen selling love charm to other women in a new video.

Vanessa Nicole, the mother of Funny Face’s three daughters, has been seen in  a video selling something very odd.

Ama Vanessa demonstrated two of her newest products in the video, one a v@gina tightening oil that tightens the Vajayjay and the other a red oil, which she shared on her Instagram page.

According to her, when the ‘Almighty’ red oil designed for women is used, men will start treating them insanely good and will remember them even after they die.

Could this mean she used that on Funny Face?

She indicated that:

Hello are you suffering from heart breaks is your man cheating on you,is your man making you feel less of yourself is your man complaining any time he comes in contact with you.

My dear this is all you need,this is the ALMIGHTY RED OIL AND THE FORGET ME NOT the LOVE ME TILL DEATH even in death he was still remember you?? DM me for yours as soon as possible both. 300gh for the combo. We deliver worldwide ???

Have a look at the video below.