Founder and leader of Lighthouse Chapel, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills has sent a piece of advice to the Ghanaian youth urging them to desist from sports betting activities if they want to part ways with poverty.

The popular Man of God shared his experience and according to him, he used to place bets on races during his tender age and knowing the outcome he’ll will entreat the youth to desist from such activities.

Speaking to his congregation during one of his sermons, he said;

“…When I was younger, I used to go to the horse races… and you’d see them coming, sometimes fifteen of them and those of us who were betting, you choose one and you bet on that one. I hear students have been betting? Look, If you want to be poor, continue betting.”

“From today tell yourself when you see the bet, do you have to go somewhere or on your phone? Tell yourself never, never, never again”.

“I am sure this election some people betted. I am sure there is betting on the election too, they bet on everything, whether you will score with the left leg or the right leg it is also a bet. I want to tell you are participating in the best project, you are betting on the right horse, Halleluyah when you choose the kingdom of God. So, be a church builder”