Cindy Cash f!re and Ɛxp0sɛs Mona Gucci more on her Lɛsb0b0 & 3s0mɛ with her Goddaughter Adepa

Television show host, Mona Gucci and her goddaughter Adepa have been trending on social media for the past few days after the latter took to social media to alleged that they are l³esbian partners.

A few days ago, Adepa made some shocking revelation about Mona Gucci that has caused a lot of people to react.

The young lady confessed to how her godmother Mona Gucci lured her to engage in lesbobo with her.

According to her, they started the l.³sbianism when Mona invited her to her home when the was preparing for a concert.

Having tricked her to have her way with her, Adepa said Mona used her multiple times as both of them were enjoying.

Then it got to Mona Gucci’s boyfriend, Teddy’s birthday when their lesbobo acts took a new twist.

According to her, Mona Gucci told her she wants them to have 33ssome with Teddy has a birthday present.

She promised to take her abroad and help her to get into the movie industry just to convince her to accept the 33some with Teddy.

Media personality, Cindy Cash who has been accused of being behind the whole brouhaha has spoken.

Speaking in an interview with Adepa tv, Cindy debunked claims that she is the one behind all the allegations leveled against Mona Gucci.

She asserted that the allegations against Mona Gucci are true because she lured Adepa to sl³³p with her.

Watch the video below for more details;