Presiding Elder of the Dompofie Assembly of the Church Of Pentecost together with his wife and some members of the church is reported to have risen a dead woman back to life through prayers

According to the narration posted on the Church of Pentecost official facebook page,  the woman named Adwoa Amanfowaa is a member of the Catholic Church at Dompofie, near Banda in the Bono East Region and a resident of the town as well

She was terribly sick and was taken to the Banda Health Centre.When the medics realised that her situation had gone out of hand and she could not make it, they released her to the family. She was pronounced dead in few minutes after she was released

Her lifeless body was laid at the entrance of her room and was covered with old cloths which were picked from the refuse dump, traditionally indicating that she was dead. Family members were invited home for her burial and subsequent funeral.

The Presiding Elder of Dompofie Assembly of THE CHURCH OF PENTECOST and his wife got to the scene and were told about the sad incident.

The Elder mobilised some few members of the church to pray for the dead woman. Miraculously, after about 30 minutes of fervent prayers, the woman who was said to have died got up and started talking

This miracle shocked eyewitnesses and they went about broadcasting it to the whole town. This miracle has since been recorded in the diary of The Church Of Pentecost