Church collapse: Death toll rises to 18

Church collapse: Death toll rises to 18

Church collapse: Death toll rises to 18 as of noon today.

It was earlier reported that over 40 worshipers including children are still trapped under the four-story uncompleted Church building whose construction started a decade ago as a branch of the Church of Prosperity founded by Akoa Isaac but new reports suggest that figure maybe about 60.

The building suddenly collapsed Tuesday, October 20, 2020 at about 2:40 pm.

Meanwhile, the Founder of Church Of Prosperity, Prophet Isaac Ofori is popularly known as Akoa Isaac is assisting the Akyem Oda Divisional Police Command to investigate the incident.

Reports have it that the congregants of the Church of Prosperity converged on the church premises on Tuesday, October 20, 2020 to pray their leader, Prophet Akoa Isaac who had been taken ill.

More than 30 victims had been retrieved as of Wednesday evening.

While the death toll had also reached 18 with 10 being females and 8 males.

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The injured were taken to Cape Coast and Oda Government hospital.

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According to one of the survivors “We were resting in the church building after fasting and prayers so whilst resting, we heard portions of the building coming down. We were over 60 in the building so we started running away some of the people managed to escape but others were trapped “.