Chop bar owner who uses her ‘bath water’ to prepare her foods confesses

An anonymous Nigerian food vendor has confessed to how she used ‘juju’ to attract and keep her customers.

According to her, when she started selling food two years ago, she prepare her foods with bath water.

During a phone-in interview on Wazobia FM, the food vendor confessed and said that her restaurant was located in Mowe, Lagos state.

She added that even now, despite using bath water to create her dishes, she still gets a lot of customers. She alleged that a friend she approached for help led her to the juju man, who is from the state of Edo.

Even though her business is thriving and she now employs people to assist clients, the food vendor confessed that she continues to use her ‘bath water’ to prepare her meals.

Although she acknowledged that she feels awful about what she does, she continues to do it because it improved her life and brought her a consistent stream of customers.