BECE candidate confirmed dead after complaining of headache

Check out the number of students who failed the BECE despite many claiming it was easy during times when the exams were ongoing.

During that period I moved around certain to see how the future leaders were faring before and after the exams.

Many revealed the exams were easier than with the exception of some subjects which many complained were trickish.

WAEC in a statement said the results have been released.

A total of 531,707 candidates made up of 269,408 males and 262,299 females sat for the examination. This figure is 2.78% higher than the 2019 candidature of 517,332.

“The candidates were from a total of 17,436 schools and the examination was administered at 2,012 centres. Out of the total number of candidates who initially registered, 1.59% were absent,”

Some results of 467 candidates have been canceled for engaging in various forms of examination malpractice.

But why would these 496have their results canceled or fail in such a very easy and highly cherished exams?

Below is a breakdown of the statement.

  • Cancellation of the Subject Results of 417 candidates for bringing foreign material into the examination hall and engaging in collusion;
  • Cancellation of the Entire Results of 44 candidates for bringing mobile phones into the examination hall;
  • Withholding of the Subject Results of 977 candidates pending the conclusion of investigations into various cases of alleged examination malpractice.