Check out the last thing Kelvin Taylor wants Moesha to do if she has truly repented

Ghanaian social media commentator, Kelvin Taylor has said that Moesha Boduong cannot claim that she has repented if she still has in possession of the things she acquires during her previous lifestyle.

The controversial broadcaster said this after Moesha announced that she’s now a born-again Christian who is ready to follow Jesus Christ.

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But according to Taylor, he’s glad that Moesha has repented from all her ‘sinful ways’, however, there’s one thing she could do to prove to her fans and Ghanaians that she has indeed turned a new leaf.

Kelvin indicated that until Moesha returns all her ill-gotten properties and goes back to Dr. Obeng to reverse all her surgeries, she has not truly repented as she claimed.

“The Bible says when you repent from your sins, you should do away with all the things you got from your previous life.,” he said in a video.

“Sell your Range Rover and house and share the money among orphanages because we all know where you got it from,” Kelvin was heard saying in the video. “If you cannot do all these then you’re just lying to us all.”