Cecilia Marfo Walked Me Out From Her Prayer Camp Leading To Her Disgrace - Maame Sabbath

An allegation was made against gospel musician Cecilia Marfo, not of God, for writing people’s names on 50 Ghana cedis notes with the intention of killing others in the music ministry. Some are suspecting Cecilia not to be mentally stable.

Asoreba hit maker, Maame Sabbath on the Sunday, 28 June, 2020 made a video unveiling the truth causing Cecilia Marfo to do through social media disgrace. 

Maame Sabbath in her video stated God gave her a revelation to tell Cecilia. According to her, she was directed by God to advise Cecilia to be careful for she has entered the center of her enemies, so she should be watchful of her upcoming temptations. 

In the revelation of her 21 days fasting, on the third day, she saw her spirit at Cecilia Marfo’s camp with three men in the form of dogs eating with Cecilia. She added the spirit behind her gave the interpretation that enemies have surrounded Cecilia, so she should go and advise Cecilia to be careful and run to Adumfa prayer camp to pray or else she will be disgraced, also Cecilia will either die or go through mental illness.

As the spirit directed Maame Sabbath to go revail the revelation to her, upon arrival, she was welcomed by Cecilia’s husband but Cecilia Marfo refused to welcome her to hear the news and walked her out from her church. 

In closing Maame Sabbath asked Cecilia Marfo to ask for forgiveness from God for walking not giving ears to hear the message she got from God to her. 

Below is the video: 


Source: adepanews.com