Cecilia Marfo denies replying Kennedy Agypaong

Cecilia Marfo replies Kennedy Agyapong for making unnecessary remarks about her mode of healing.

On Monday evening, Kennedy Agyapong threatened to come at her if she didn’t stop spitting in the mouths of believers during healing.

She said this during her response to an interview on Onuapa Radio on Wednesday, 3rd June 2020.

She was heard saying.

“I am not stupid as he may think and will do whatever comes into my mind, I was only following the directions and commandments from my father Jesus Christ”

Kennedy Agyapong had said

“Cecelia Marfo, I am giving her a warning….very evil girl. I love her music a lot but I’ve watched a certain video and after seeing the things she has been doing, it’s so disgusting. Now why all of a sudden, Ghanaians cannot observe the behavior of people? As for her, her healing powers are demonstrated by holding the mouth of her congregants and spitting inside it”

“I am coming to you. She has opened a church in Tema. I have a lot of filla on her. We cannot tolerate that”.

Now let me say this, anytime you try to talk about the wrongdoings of women, some people will come out to say you’re attacking women so I want to sound a word of caution to the women that we cannot allow this woman especially in this time of Coronavirus to be doing that.