Carpenter builds own special c0ffin, d!es in it

A viral carpenter from Accra has left a lasting impression on his community with a unique coffin design that reflects his life’s work. According to sources, the deceased carpenter crafted his own casket before passing away, which was designed to resemble a carpenter’s plane.

The news of the carpenter’s coffin has recently gone viral after a video surfaced online, showing a group of mourners carrying the custom-made casket during the funeral procession. The late carpenter was a well-known and beloved member of his community, with many expressing their admiration for his skill and dedication.

The video was first shared on Adepanews.con and has since been widely shared on social media platforms. It is not clear when the video was taken or when the carpenter passed away.

The unique casket design has sparked a lot of interest and admiration among the public, with many praising the carpenter’s creativity and commitment to his craft. The video has been viewed by thousands of people, and has sparked a discussion about the importance of honoring a person’s life and legacy in unique and meaningful ways.

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Checkout video below: