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False information has become a major occurrence in the context of Internet-based media in which has received significant attention in the diversity of fields. Radio host, now a social media video maker, Godsbrain Smart popularly known in the media as Captain Smart under suspension from Angel FM, posted misleading information on his Facebook page. 

After the suspension of Smart, he was seen on social media announcing his online television station and creating a website for the page where he is seen presenting most of his views on social issues. 

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On Saturday, May 22, 2021, a picture of a built road that is seen peeling was seen on Smart Tv Ghana which stated “ What a Carpet Road. Eiiii Ghana.” Some of the followers of his page believe the picture posted happens to be a road in Ghana with others criticizing Smart for being unprofessional for it is believed the picture is not from Ghana.  

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May be an image of 1 person and text that says '614 Richard Mortey Made in Ghana Reply 10h Like Juliet Kweitsu The system is seriously working 10h Reply Like Alfred Acquah Nyarko You are destroying the road 8h Like Reply Justice Assafuah Tayi Captain Smart you are becoming unprofessional at some stage...T is not Ghana... it's one of the French countries...Tell us which part of Ghana... at some point you don't need to paint Ghana Black... Like Reply 7h Francis K Zore Justice Assafuah Tayi... Nana Kwame Obeng Inasmuch as believe our road Write a comment... GIF'

May be an image of 1 person and text that says '614 Asare Ernest ooooh Ghana paaaa we can't do that to our beautiful country ok .but this pic is not from Ghana Like 9h Reply REAL Desmond Kwame Derry Asare Ernes... Se Fa This isn't Ghana ooo. Be smart like your name suggests 2h Like Reply Yaw Elorm Chris It's nt a road, it's a football pitch Like 9h Reply Lawer Adjei Sa pitii road, its only done when election is approaching Reply 8h Like Evans Kweku Yeboah taught you were for fix our Write a comment... GIF'

With following the news, it is found that the suspended radio host, Captain smart through his social media page on Facebook, gave out false information to his followers.

Facts indicate that the news was published by on 09, November 2020 stating that the peeling road links south Africa with Botswana were identified by the North West public works officials. 

Concluding that, the information given on Smart  TV Ghana on social media is false information misleading.