Canadian Gunman who Killed 16 people

Canadian Gunman who Killed 16 people last Saturday night.

He was shot by the police at Irving gas station and Big Stop restaurant in Enfield.

The 16 deaths makes it the deadliest attack in Canada’s history.

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Gabriel Wortman, the suspect owns denture clinics in Dartmouth and Halifax.

The 12-hour rampage started late on Saturday and ended with a car chase.

It began late Saturday night in rural Portapique, where Wortman has property when officers responded to 911 calls about gunfire.

“Two of the armored SWAT vehicles pulled up out front, and a bunch of armed officers in camo got out,” Harrop told The Chronicle Herald. “Two of them came into the Sobeys [food market] and some of the others walked through the parking lot. The ones that came inside told everyone to go into lockdown, lock all the doors, turn off all the lights and stay away from the windows until they gave us the go-ahead to open up again.”

Catherine Harrop a worker in a cider bar said.

Below are some tweets by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police during the incident.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau described the attack as “a terrible situation”.

Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil told reporters this was “one of the most senseless acts of violence in our province’s history”.

Gabriel Wortman grew up in Riverview, outside Moncton, New Brunswick.

Gabriel Wortman attended Riverview High School, before heading on to Fredericton, and the University of New Brunswick, in the late 1980s