Brother Sammy is a liar, his wife divorced him 4 months ago — Close friend reveals

Gospel musician, Brother Sammy and his wife are making headlines after the former took to national television to expose her.

During the weekend on United Showbiz on UTV, musician Brother Sammy opened up about his marriage which will soon hit the rocks.

The renowned gospel singer shockingly revealed that he no longer has s³xual affair with his wife because she claims he’s into occultism.

Brother Sammy who has always hailed his wife during every opportunity he has on radio and television says he’s hurt that his wife could believe that about him.

“My wife came to Ghana and got pregnant. However, she had an ectopic pregnancy and the doctor said we need to take the baby out to save her life.

“I discussed it with her and she agreed since that was the best for her life. I left my wife at the hospital in the care of two of the boys I live with and went home with my daughter.

“One of the guys I left my wife with told her I’m an occult and that when I left the hospital I went to sleep with another woman in our matrimonial home.

“My wife had kept all of these away from me while in Ghana and only made me know when she left. I feel betrayed and I’ve decided not to ever sleep with her again. I don’t want another ectopic pregnancy for her to say I’m going to use her for juju,” he said.

Well, a woman believed to be a close friend of Brother Sammy’s wife has revealed that the allegations the singer levelled against his wife were false. She alleged that the wife of ‘Nation’s Worshipper’ as popularly known divorced him four months ago.

Watch the video below;