Broken-Hearted Woman Poisoned Her Children To Death

A report from Aza Women daughter of Zion’s relationship on social media reported a woman having poisoned her two children after a severe misunderstanding with the children’s father. 

May be an image of 3 people, child, people standing and text

According to the report, the father of the children has abandoned her and the children because he is having a different relationship with another woman. He has planned to marry the other woman. 

As a result, she had an argument with the man and later called him to come to take the body of his children. 

The request was attended and there they found the lady and the children’s dead bodies. 


Meet ,Pherine, she served her own 2 kids with food poison
She has had a serious misunderstanding with the father of the kids getting her so much annoyed that she had to do away with the children & later called the man to come collect the bodies of his kids”
According to rumours the man had abandoned her with the kids & was seing another lady in which he planed on marrying causing her to get somuch annoyed”
R I.P😭
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