British High Commissioner replies IGP Dampare after she was told to “mind her business”

The British High Commissioner to Ghana, Harriet Thompson has reacted after the Inspector General of Police advised her to ‘mind her business’ following a comment she made on the arrest of #fixthecountry convenor Oliver Barker-Vormawors.

According to Harriet Thompson, her tweet on Oliver’s arrest was not meant to infuriate Ghanaians as the police response shows.

In a strongly-worded statement, the Inspector-General of Police said the High Commissioner’s tweet constituted intervention in Ghana’s internal security concerns.

In response to the Police, the High Commissioner informed GHOne TV that her comment was misinterpreted.

“That was not the intention, and my experience, Ghana is peace-loving nation where people have the right to express themselves, they do have the right to come out to protest against things that matter to them.”

“A tweet like that will not get Ghanaians on the street in my view. It looks like my tweet wasn’t received as it was intended. I didn’t expect a response from the IGP at all.

“If I was told there are chances like that I will not be tweeting like that that’s clearly not my intention but I haven’t seen anything like that for the time I’ve been here that will suggest his response,” she said.