Breaking: GCB liberty (Kantamanto) Branch on fire

The Ghana Commercial Bank liberty (Kantanmanto) branch is currently on fire. Investigations are yet to be conducted as to identify what start the fire set to begin immediately.

The incident has scattered the population around that vicinity as they all are currently running for safety.

Chief Operating Officer at the GCB reportedly informed a source at the scene that the problem was under control.

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He clarified that the whole facility was evacuated as they alerted the Fire Service and the police.

A number of fire personnel with ternders as well as police personnel dispatched to maintain law and order at the scene currently.

Moreover residents of the area can’t tell as to what led to the fire outbreak. Nevertheless, no official press statement has been released as well.

Furthermore, no lives has been lost and damaged casualties are yet to be known to the general public.

More to follow soon…