A little boy Jibril Aliyu has been rescued after being chained by his stepmother along with animals for the past two years.

Reports have it that Jibril fell into the hands of his wicked stepmother after he lost his mother two years ago. After the demise of his mother, the stepmother has maltreated him by denying him shelter,food and health care.

Before Jibril was rescued by some Human Right Activist, he was tied with animals to the extent that he was feeding on the remnant food of the animals and at times ate his own faeces.

As a result of the maltreatment, Jibril lost his human sense and begin to behave like an animal.

The police have arrested the stepmother together with his father for infringing upon the rights of the child. Jibril is currently receiving treatment from Federal Medical Center Burnin Kebbi.

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. The little boy, Jibril Aliyu, from Badariya Area of Birnin Kebbi, Kebbi State lost his mother 2 years ago. Ever since then, he was denied shelter, clothing, food, not to talk of health care. He was maltreated by these same people like an animal to the extent that he was feeding on the remnant food of the animals he was tied with and even ate his faeces, until he was rescued by some Human Right Activist. As a result of the treatment he was subjected to, he entirely lost his senses and behaves exactly like an animal. His 2 evil step mothers, together with his father are currently in police custody, while the 10 year old Jibril is undergoing treatment and rehabilitation at the Federal Medical Center Birnin Kebbi. Follow @mediagist for more exclusive updates.

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