Bongo Ideas in trouble as irate Muslim youths vow to teach him a bitter lesson for describing their Hajj as senseless

Social media critic, Bongo Ideas is currently in hot waters over a recent comment he made about the Hajj and its relevance.

Bongo in a Twitter post asserted that it doesn’t make sense for millions of religious groups of people to converge at one place just to pray when they can do it in the comfort of their homes.

The fact that a group of religious people would have to gather at a place every year to have their prayers heard would never make sense,” he said.

He opined that if the prayers of the people are immaculate and genuine, they will be heard regardless of the location.

“Unless your prayers can’t be heard in your room, I don’t see why over 2 million people necessarily have to be at a “sacred” place.

Some Muslims have reacted to Bongo’s comment and threatened to teach him a bitter lesson in the next few days.
Read some comments below;
Humble L. Snow – We’re fasting now, it’s left with only 3 days we’ll finish fasting and see what to do with this case.

Haj Tawfiq Issahaku – Because he doesn’t have sense that’s the reason he can’t see any sense in that. He should remember common sense is not for common people like him

Sa M’akosei – I like where this ill mannered child is taking is play. Someone tell him that this play will over him

Oluu Babatu – If you are senseless how can you be sensible to understand moslems traveling to mecca to perform hajj or Umrah. May Allah guide you..

Hadi Bawa – This guy is playing with . Does he know who he is dealing with

Gbevor Innocent – Finally, he has touched the lion’s tail

Shamsudeen Issah – You reach your limit now lol we go see soon

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