Bold thief who stole a police car battery from a police station arrested

Bold thief who stole a police car battery from a police station arrested according to a video.

Theft in a police station hardly happens.

And many times it is unreasonable to undertake such a risk as a thief, according to my little knowledge about human behavior.

In a new video seen by, a young man was seen in the video after he had been caught and was made to carry the battery on his head and he was paraded before the car.

He stole the battery from one of the patrol vans parked at a police station.

In the video he was being interrogated by the officers as he stood there looking very speechless.

Some social media users couldn’t stop laughing at the video, meaning that today’s kids were willing to go to any length to live, no matter how dangerous it was.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time criminals have taken such a bold step towards the police force, as they have been known to steal police officers’ equipment in the past per the comments available.

Have a look at the video below.

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