Bogoso explosion: “I didn’t collide with truck carrying explosives” — Tricycle rider refutes police claims

The tricycle rider involved in the Bogoso-Apiatse explosion has debunked police report that he collided with truck carrying the explosives.

Speaking in an interview, he explained that he was hit from behind by another vehicle and was sent to a nearby hospital before the explosion.

After the unfortunate incident, the police released a statement that the truck transporting the explosives from Tarkwa to Chirano Gold Mines collided with motorcycle, leading to the de@th of many and destruction of properties.

“I did not collide with the said truck, nor was I present at the time of the explosion,” the rider (name withheld) explained.

“I’m not sure where that story is coming from because I wasn’t there.” When the accident happened, I didn’t see any truck around me. “I was riding in a tricycle with one other woman, and the two of us were transported to the health facility.”

“The people who brought us to the hospital later told me that it was a sprinter bus that hit my tricycle and that the driver fled after the accident,” he insisted.

Watch the video below;