Block, delete your ex and save your relationship — Rev Eastwood Anaba

Gospel preacher, Rev. Eastwood Anaba has advised his congregants to cut off all exes from their lives.

According to the well-respected man of God, partners from past relationships are group of people that should not get access to you once you move on from the relationship.

“There are some people you have to block them. You have to block them! They shouldn’t come near your phone. One of them is an old girlfriend. A girl you have had something to do with, maybe you never slept with her, you should never conversate with her. That one, I can boldly say you should never. Cut it off!”

According to the Reverend, entertaining such people from your past can have dire consequences on your current relationship. He buttressed his argument by saying that some exes may still fantasize about you, which means they can destroy your new relationship.

“You can’t be playing with that kind of fire around your life. They will be saying, ‘but now I’m married, and he’s also married.’ Some people can marry, and you are still their dream man or woman. And they will go about telling everybody, ‘This is the person I should have married.”