Blame her Mother – Best Friend of late Maadwoa drops secrets (VIDEO)

In a tragic turn of events, the alleged murder of Maa Adwoa in Adum-Kumasi has prompted a best friend of the deceased to speak out about the shocking incident. While the friend’s identity has not been disclosed, the details of Maa Adwoa’s untimely demise have been widely reported.

As previously reported, Maa Adwoa was shot and killed by her boyfriend, a married policeman named Ahmed Tsumasi.

According to reports, Tsumasi shot Maa Adwoa five times after meeting up with her one evening. The reasons for the shooting are yet to be established.

Tsumasi appeared before a court in Kumasi where a video of his appearance has since surfaced online. The video captures the raw emotions of Maa Adwoa’s relatives who are struggling to come to terms with the tragedy.

Meanwhile, a video has also emerged of Maa Adwoa’s best friend speaking out about the heartbreaking incident. The contents of the video have not been disclosed. Further updates on this developing story will be reported as they emerge.

watch video below:

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