Black Sherif trolled for allegedly smoking weed before appearing on TV3 morning show

Fast-rising musician and 24th Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) Artiste Of The Year, Black Sherif has been dragged by a section of social media users for his alleged weed-smoking habit.

Black Sherif appeared on TV3’s New Day show on Monday, May 8, 2023, for an interview after winning the Artiste Of The Year Award at VGMAs night. Many people believed that the young singer was high before appearing on the show.

The artist spoke eloquently on the questions he was asked, but his calm and laid-back demeanor, fidgeting and halting manner of speech raised alarm bells for netizens.

Many trolled him for being high before such an early morning media appearance.

Sharing the video on Twitter, one netizen alluded to this with the caption: “Blacko for plug me to his plug… I want to speak like him🤣🤣,”

Fans in the comments also shared similar sentiments: “I’ve been smoking since I was born and I can definitely tell he’s high watch his hand gestures and how he processes the questions,”

Another added: “Nntampe no adooso dodo 😂😂🤣,”


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