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Black Sherif look-alike pops up, video goes viral (WATCH)

A look-alike (doppelganger) of the Ghanaian Afropop sensation, Black Sherif, has emerged in a video in which he imitated the artiste’s style of dress, singing and mannerisms.

The individual donned a black t-shirt, jeans trousers, shiny rings, and necklaces that matched the iconic fashion sense of the musician. The doppelganger proceeded to perform Black Sherif’s chart-topping song, “We Up,” from his album, “The Villain I Never Was.”

The resemblance between the two was uncanny, prompting reactions from surprised Ghanaians. The imitator replicated Black Sherif’s facial features, hairstyle, height, and even the shape of his beard.

In recent times, the presence of celebrity lookalikes in Ghana’s social media landscape has been on the rise, attracting varying responses from the public and fellow entertainers.

Some have criticized them for impersonating celebrities, while others have welcomed the idea. However, some artists have cautioned the impersonators against capitalizing on their likeness for financial gain or other fraudulent activities.

watch video below:



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