Bizzare as pastor is seen fighting

Bizzare as pastor is seen fighting “satan” with a cutlass whiles his church members also do the same.

Wonders shall never end, and it is said that in the last days all manner of things will happen in the name of serving God and this is another proof.

The pastor of this church gave direction for the church members to come to the church with cutlasses.

In the video, the man of God was seen ‘slashing’ Satan with a cutlass in the pulpit while speaking in tongues.

According to the pastor, the cutlass is being used to represent the two-edged sword that the Lord mentioned in the Bible to kill Satan.

He said the cutlass had been anointed.

As the preacher began his battle with the demon, his congregation rose from their seats and prayed fervently.

He was seen with a sharp cutlass in his hand, slicing the devil in the thin air or maybe at an object I could not see.

Some have defended the fact that it is a spiritual trip and that spiritual eyes are required to view what these people in the church were witnessing.

The video has gotten a lot of attention on social media.

Have a look at the video below.

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