Bizarre as old man digs his own grave, buys his casket and prepares for his burial

Bizarre as old man digs his own grave

Bizarre as old man digs his own grave, buys his casket and prepares for his burial even when he is not dead yet.

The man is question is not mentally challenged but this action of his is making people think otherwise.

In a report, a 70-year-old Kenyan man identified as Mr.Leo has revealed that he is preparing for his own death.

He dug his grave and also prepared everything that would be used during his funeral as also paid for his pallbearers in advance.

The man has been using his time to celebrate the remaining days he has on earth by drinking and making merry.

Leo who has nine wives he did that to relieve the burden off his family and to have his dream funeral, a condition he said will let him rest in peace.

According to him, he shudders at how members of his community find it difficult to bury their dead – and despite being married to nine wives who have produced multiple children – he feels that could also be his fate.

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Meanwhile, a young Nigerian man, Farouk Ojo Ahmed has been arrested by the Nigeria police for k!lling his next-door neighbor, Ahmed Yusuf, over a plate of food.

Yusuf returned from the mosque on that faithful day and was assaulted by Ahmed over a plate of food they had bought before traveling to the mosque.

A fight ensued between the two and for other neighbors not to hear them fighting, Farouk increased the volume of his sound system.

He hit the head of Yusuf with a center table and stabbed him many times, leaving him in a pool of blood.

The victim was subsequently rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead.