Bizarre as Moshei chief set to marry 3 women

Moshei chief set to marry 3 women in one wedding this weekend after using two years to plan it.

Polygamy is not new in the Islam religion but marrying 3 ladies on the same day is news to us.

During an interview with A1 Radio, Alhaji Abdulai Mumuni, the Chief of Zuarungu Moshei in the Bolgatanga East District of the Upper East Region, verified the rising claims that he will marry all three of his gorgeous fiancees on Saturday, January 15, 2021.

Alhaji Abdulai Mumuni claimed that he planned to marry all his three fiancees at the same time after the culmination of years of meticulous preparation and explanations to their families.

He explained in an interview with A1 Radio that;

“I started planning this thing in 2020. And here we are, yes, I’m happy. But I must say that In everything we do as humans, we always put Allah first, so I will say that it is Allah graces and mercifulness”

I will not say I’m the first person to do such a ceremony. A similar thing happened in Walewale. So, it is not something that’s too big, so, I call on friends and family members to join me that day.”

Have a look at the image below.

Bizarre as Moshei chief set to marry 3 women

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